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Milica Dimitrijovska-Radevska

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Milica Dimitrijovska-Radevska

- Degree earned: professor of Macedonian language - Bachelor number 3821 issued on December 16, 1992 - Faculty of Philology - Skopje 1986 – 1991 - High School "Josip Broz Tito" - Bitola / Department of Mathematics - Physics 1982 -1986         Physicist – Technician

Member of expert bodies:

    1. - 2013/14 member of the Management Board of the State Music School - Bitola
    1. - 2013/14 member of the Editorial Board of the Macedonian Scientific Society - Bitola
    1. - 2017/2018 member of Supervisory Board at MND
    1. - 2019 member of the Presidency of the Writers' Association of Macedonia
    1. - 2019 President of the Danica Ruchigaj Writers Club
    1. - 2019 member of the Ethics Committee at MND

Skills: (Knowledge of working with computers, etc.)

    1. - Human Resources Management
    1. - dealing with conflicts
    1. - work with computer and internet
    1. - mentoring with a beginner teacher
    1. - mentoring with talented students
    1. - mentoring with Roma students for the academic year 2009/2010 and 2010/2011
    1. - managerial skills and facilitation of meetings

Position I am currently on:

    1. - Teacher of Macedonian language and literature
    1. - Member of the editorial board of the Educational Crossroads magazine - Skopje
    1. - Member of the editorial board of the professional bulletin for the teachers “Razgledi” and the school newspaper “Slavo” and “Eco Slavo” - School “Taki Daskalo” - Bitola
    1. - 2010 - member of the Macedonian Writers' Association
    1. - 2011 - member of the Macedonian Scientific Society - Bitola
    1. - 2019 member of the Presidency of the Writers' Association of Macedonia
    1. - 2019 President of the Macedonian Language Activity at the High School "Taki Daskalo" Bitola

Past experience in the company I currently work in:

    1. 23 years

Key qualifications:

- external assistant of the Bureau of Education of the Republic of Macedonia for preparation of the curricula for the fourth, fifth and sixth grades 2007 - BDE external assistant for developing external student assessment questions - 2007/2008 State Matura exam assessor - 2008/2009 - State Matura Tests Assessor - 2009/2010 State Matura Exam Grader - 2010/2011 State Matura exam assessor - 2011/2012 State Matura exam assessor - 2012/2013 State Matura Tests Assessor - 2013/2014 Assessor of State Matura tests - 2014/2015 State Matura Exam Assessor - 2015/2016 State Matura Tests Assessor - 2016/2017 State Matura Tests Assessor - 2017/2018 State Matura Tests Assessor - 2018/2019 State Matura Tests Assessor


  - March 2007 - Certificate of Successful Completion of Teacher Qualification Procedure for Application of Interactive Teaching Methodology - USAID SEA Project; - 2006/2007 - Assessment Training in the Republic of Macedonia - SEA Project, USAID; - March 2007 - Certificate of Successful Completion of Teacher Qualification Procedure for Application of Interactive Teaching Methodology - USAID SEA Project; -2009/2010 year training on using the Linux computer program - Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Skopje. -2010- Study Tour in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Role of Parents' Councils in the Functioning of Schools -2010 - Study visit to Sweden at invitation of Macedonian Society in Gothenburg for Days of Macedonian Culture -2011 - FES Youth Employment Network Project – USAID -2012- Certificate of Best Practices in the Implementation of the Work Preparation Program; -2012 - training from the Interethnic Integration in Education Project, MES of R Macedonia; -2013-Training on Modern Methods and Technologies in Teaching, Bureau of R Macedonia. -May 2014 - Training for inclusion of children with special needs in the teaching - within the employment program - USAID -18 October 2014 for a poetry collection Windsurfing by the Education Workers Association of Macedonia -April 2015 Best Poetry Work of Educational Rendezvous in Veles, organized by MASSUM, USAID -May 2015 certificate for realized training on Discovery and work with gifted and talented students - St. Clement Ohridski ”- Faculty of Pedagogy - May 16, 2015 won the second place with the student Angela Najdenovska at the Regional Competition in Macedonian Language and Literature -21 May 2015 Identifying and Working with Students with Developmental Disabilities and Counseling and Training Centers - Faculty of Philosophy - May 2017 - Training for students with disabilities and developmental disabilities - Ministry of Labor and Social Work of the Republic of Macedonia-Skopje -December 2017 study visit to Japan under the Erasmus 2 project Self-Reflection Certificate-2008 within the Selfie Tool -2019 - Seminar on Active Methods in Teaching - BDE of RM -2019 electronic training for working with children with disabilities in the teaching Bureau of RM  

Other relevant information: (eg Publications)

- 2003/2004 “Language and Graphics” - teaching tool for practical application of new teaching methods and strategies, authors and lecturers: Milica Radevska and Vesna Mundishevska; ISBN-9989-785-51-1 - author of the poems "Obsidian" (Literary Youth of Macedonia, Skopje 1988) and "Leccebnica" (DLK "Razvitok", Bitola 2000), "Poetic Dialogue" co-authored with Vesna Mundishevska-Veljanovska published by Matica, Skopje, 2011 and the poetry book "Sighs of the Wind" 2012; - "Scars of the Word" published by the Bitola Literary Circle; "Alone in the Lands of Dream" published by Matica, Skopje, 2019 - a large number of published works in literary newsletters, almanacs, poetry collections; Educational Crossroads - The Life and Work of Rabindranath Tagore - ISSN-1409-5963 - Education worker of the year for the school year 2006/2007 organized by the Association of educational workers from the municipality of Bitola; - 2013 scientific paper published in the framework of USAID's Best Educational Practices Project in co-authorship with Vesna Mundishevska-Veljanovska - 2013 / 2-14 published articles and critical reviews on Macedonian writers Vesna Mundishevska Veljanovska, Borce Panov, Lidija Dimkovska, Petko Chipinkarovski, Rade Siljan, Vele Smilevski, Daniela Andonovska Trajkovska, Pande Manojlov, Pondo Manojlov, Cvetkovski and others in the magazines Rast, Synthesis, Striving, Contemporary Dialogues, The Ravaging. - Literature and Culture Magazine Act, published ISSN 1857-6184 - 2013 –ISBN 978-078-65291-9-2 Round Table Papers on the Work of Nikola Kochoski - 2014 participation in an international conference in Bansko, R. Macedonia. Bulgaria on the topic "Developing a methodology for selection of primary and secondary education textbooks", co-authored with Vesna Jovanovska and Zhaneta Naumovska. - Translated Serbian-Romanian poetry into Rijec and Jellis journals - July 2017 participation in the international poetry manifestation Poetic Waves organized by the Bitola Literary Circle. - August 2017 presentation of the Songbook In a word, organized by the Denizia literary club and the Center for Culture, Communication and Oratory at the Faculty of Pedagogy Bitola - September 2017 - Presentation of the anthology of Macedonian poetry in Romanian in DPM - October 2017 acquires the status of a distinguished expert in the practice of the student program for Macedonian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Bitola, with the consent of the Commission at the Faculty of Pedagogy. - 2018 presentation of the works of Rade Siljan and Vele Smilevski - 50 years of creativity and friendship, in collaboration with NUUB St. Clement of Ohrid-Bitola - A large number of cultural events, celebrations and celebrations, book promotions in collaboration with NUUB St. Clement of Ohrid-Bitola
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