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  Holder of PhD at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade R.Serbia Master of Arts  in the field of philological sciences Graduated teacher of English language and literature  

Current position

  Teacher of English language at Secondary Municipal School “Taki Daskalo”Bitola  since 2000  

Trainings, qualifications and seminars

  1. Professional qualification in Oxford England “St Joseph Hall College”
  2. successful completed training of four three days workshops for interactive teaching methodology
  3. successfully completed training ”Improvement of evaluation in schools”
  4. successfully completed training within project for modernization of education “From Idea to Permanent Improvements “
  5. participant of school training”Education for life skills”
  6. participant in workshops: “Teaching in classes with mixed capabilities“ and “Management in schools”
  7. professional conference “ Happening in educational practice”
  8. professional conference “Efficiency and Effectiveness in teaching”
  9. member of the Commission for external evaluation at state Matura for nine years as a examiner of English language
  10. successfully finished training from the program of Lifelong learning and mobility Leonardo da Vinci organized by the National Agency for European integrations and mobility
  11. participant on contact seminar in Dublin, R.Ireland (2009) preparatory visit in Istanbul R.Turkey contact seminar Pultstuk Poland (2012)
  12. participant as trainer at the Regional Youth Forum of debate Matarushka banja Kraljevo r.Serbia
  13. attended training within the project Interethnic integration in education
  14. successfullycompletedtrainingand passedexamforamangerofpublicsecondaryschool
  15. coordinator of international project within the National Agency for European Education Programs and Mobility “Training of Teachers-window to the European Union”
  16. coordinator of project of “SOU Taki Daskalo” Bitola and “Radko Stockle Schule” Melsungen, Germany
  17. coordinator of the project within Erasmus + “The Future of the education is in implementation  of the European climate in schools”, Italy 2014
  18. coordinator of project within Erasmus +”Obatining European experiences better language competences” England 2014

Published papers

  1. “English through pictures“,  Bitolski vesnik 7 November 2001
  2. “Reading as process and necessity“ Bitolski vesnik 14 November 2001
  3. “Why do we make mistakes during studying?“ Bitolski vesnik 1 November 2001
  4. “Developement of skills reading and writing”, Collection of papers from the professional conference “Happening in educaton practice“- SOU ”Taki Daskalo” Bitola 2010   ISBN 978-9989-925-09-2
  5. “Corresponding environment and models –precondition for effective studying of foreign language“, Collection of papers from the professional conference ”Efficiency and Effectiveness in Teaching”, SOU ”Taki Daskalo” Bitola 2010 ISBN 978-9989-925-13-9
  6. “Intertextuality and necessity of translation” 3rd International Scientific Conference Knowledge-capital for future Collection Bansko 2-4 .2014 ISBN 978-608-65653-5-0
  7. “Term literarity and enstragement in the process of traslatiion”, 6th International Scientific Conference, Power of knowledge 2-4 October 2015 Greece ISBN 1857-92
  8. “Making matrix of translation” 7th International Scientific Conference Knowledge for possibilities and skills Collection Bansko 4-6 December 2015
  9. “The way of Intention of Walter Benjamin” 3rd International Conference  Education over borders  Collection, Bitola 6-7 October 2016 ISBN 978-9989-00-50-5
  10. „ How students learn foreign languages and the difficulties that they face” International Conference new methodologies of studying foreign and second languages: East towards West 25-26 May 2018 Naples, Italy

Published translated books

1.”Distinguished people for Bitola“ published by NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2007; ISBN 978-9989-2783-0-3 2. ”Distinguished people for Bitola-writers“ published by NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2008; ISBN 978-9989-2783-6-5 3.”Literary collection of Bitola writers“published by NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2009; ISBN 608-4538-01-0 4.”Libraries in Bitola “published by NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2009; ISBN 608-4538-05(10) ISBN 978-608-4538-05-9 5.”Bitola, my love” translation of a poetry book by Pande Manojlov 2009; ISBN608-4538-18-5(10) ISBN 978-608-4538-18-9(13) 6.Translation of DVD for NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2008; ISBN 978-9989-2783-4-1 7. Translation to the preface to “The Catalogue of Old and Rare Books” published by NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2009; ISBN 978-9989-2783-4-3 8. Libraries in Churches and Monastaries in Prespa and Pelagonia region” published by NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2010; ISBN 608-4538-18-5(10) ISBN 978-608-4538-18-9(13) 9. ”Distinguished people for Bitola-culture“published by NUUB “St Clement Ohridski”, Bitola 2010; ISBN 978-608-4538-16-5 10. ”12 Steps from Health to Tianshi” published by the Agency for translation and mediation “Fillip M” 2006 11.Manual for Transparent Lobbing of Civil Organization” Project finances by the European union –Preda2013 ISBN 978-608-4616-58-0 ISBN978-608-65635-0-9 12.”Stone in front of our gate” translation of poetry book by Branko Naumovski Poligrafika 2014 ISBN 978-608-65728-1-5 13.”Manual of Professional Terminology” Secondary Municipal School “Taki Daskalo” Bitola ISBN 978-9989-925-10-8 14.„The Word in other languages“ Radovan P.Cvetkovski poetry translation Akademski pecat 2016 ISBN 978-608-231-177-7  

Made translation for the following companies

  1. Translation for tender documentation MHC Zletovo
  2. Translation of elaborate for processing factory
  3. Curriculum for Faculty of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Economics Prilep, Higher Medical School, Military Academics
  4. Elaborate for Sokomak Bitol
  5. Translation of book for management with human resources for Sokomak Bitola
  6. Technical specification for FOD Bitola and REK Bitola
  7. Translation of excavator for Takraf for FOD Bitola
  8. Manual Operation with nonstandard parts in the production an installment for FOD Bitola
  9. Operational manual QY25 machine for REK Bitola
  10. Operational manual QY8E machine for REK Bitola
  11. Tender documentation for FOD Bitola Section of lignite and special mining demands for mechanical equipment
  12. Tender documentation and other documentation for Zeleznec Demir Hisar
  13. Tender documentation and other documentation for Ideal Sipka Bitola
  14. Tender documentation and other documentation for Diary IMB Bitola
  15. Tender documentation and other documentation for Buse Mak Bitola
  16. Tender documentation and other documentation for Tera Makedonija Bitola
  17. Tender documentation and other documentation for Markovski Company Bitola
  18. Translation of agricultural standards for ZK Pelagonija
  19. Translation of the documentation for Biogas power plant for ZK Energy
  20. Translation of catalogues SEMPER nongovernmental organization
  21. Translation of catalogues statute and other documentation for Biosfera nongovernmental organization
  22. Translation of catalogues statute and other documentation for Together Macedonia nongovernmental organization
Cooperation with nongovernmental section NGO Semper, Biosfera, Together Macedonia, SFERA and etc.    

Other skills and capabilities

  Work with computers ( WORD, EXCEL, INTERNET, POWER POINT) Intensively included in translation activity. Authorized court translator  from English, Serbian and Croatian language into Macedonian and vice versa


  1. Certificate for interactive educational methodology SEA, January 2007,USAID
  2. Certificate for successfully finished procedure for qualification of teacher for application of interactive educational methodology SEA, October 2007,USAID
  3. Certificate for finished training for improvement of evaluation, March 2008 USAID
  4. Certificate for successfully finished training “From Idea to permanent improvement DETRA Center Skopje 08 .01-02.04.2008
  5. Certificate for participation on Regional Youth Forum of Debate 23 August 2008 ACCD, Idea
  6. Certificate for participation on workshop for professional development 3 May 2008 ELTAM
  7. Certificate for management of debate club 2008 Youth Educational Forum
  8. Certificate for participation on annual Macedonia Open December 2009 Youth Educational Forum
  9. Certificate for participation on contact seminar within the program Leonardo Da Vinci Dublin September 2009 LEARGAS Ireland
  10. Certificate for participation in preparation visit within the program Leonardo Da Vinci project in Istanbul, Turkey, January 2010,Maltepe Kiz Teknik
  11. Certificate  for participation on professional conference “Happening in educational practice” May 2010 SOU “Taki Daskalo”
  12. Certificate  for participation on Spelling Bee 2012 American Corner
  13. Certificate for participation on workshops Teaching in classes with mixed capabilities and Classroom Management  March 2012 British Counsel
  14. Certificate for mentoring of students on schools awarding call for the best professional CV April 2012 SOU ”Taki Daskalo”
  15. Confirmation for participation on training Education of life skills November 2011 –May 2012 SOU ”Taki Daskalo”
  16. Certificate for participation  on international project  in Melsungen, Germany September 2012 Radko Stokle Schule
  17. Certificate for participation on contact seminar within Leonardo Da Vinci program Pultstuk Poland October 2010 FRSE Poland
  18. Certificate for passed manager  of Public Secondary School December 2012 State Examination Center
  19. Certificate for participation on international project in Melsungen Germany April 2013 SOU”Taki Daskalo”
  20. Testimonial for contribution in the work and development of the school traffic unit Novemebr 2013
  21. Certificate for completed course of Portuguese language October 2014 Le Petit Prince
  22. Certificate for participation in the mobility project in Portugal Training of the teachers window to the European future  23.04.2015-06.05.2014 International Association Mobility Friends
  23. Certificate for participation on 3rd International conference “Knowledge Capital for the Future” November 2014 MIT Skopje
  24. Certificate for participation in Erasmus project VETPRO May 2014 Tellus group
  25. Academic certificate for attending of English language C1 advanced April 2015 Meridian Plymouth, England
  26. Certificate for participation on 5th International conference Knowledge capital for the future May 2015 MIT Skopje
  27. Certificate for passed exam for state clerk 25.12.2014-2016 Administration Agency
  28. Certificate for training  titled ”Identification and work with students with difficulties and disability in development May 2015 Center of education and counseling
  29. Certificate for training titled Discover and work with gifted and talented May 2015 University “St. Clement Ohridski”.
  30. Certificate for participation on workshop Struga December 2015 Express Education
  31. Certificate for participation on basic training  for interethnic integration in education March 2016 USAID
  32. Certificate for participation on a training “Using of interactive modern methodology and techniques in the teaching of secondary education August 2016
  33.  Certificate for participation  at the International conference education and research through  time and space Faculty of education October 2016
  34.    34.Certificate for participation on EKVET  Conference ,National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility December 2016
  35. Certificate for language workshop for professional development at the Fcaulty of Foreign languages at the University FON April 2017
  36. Certificate for participation at the Сертификат за учество International Conference new methodologies of studying foreign and second languages: East towards West 25-26 25-26 May 2018 Naples, Italy.
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